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Yolanda Kelly makes her home on an island in Alaska. Her love for young children is readily apparent as she teaches in the classroom. She and her husband of 30 years enjoy flying the skies of Alaska and Canada in their small Cessna.

Lee & Gina Kijewski live on a small acreage with a variety of animals in Alberta, Canada. Line drawings for the Gus book series were finished with watercolor pencils.

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About The Characters

About The Authors

Gus is an ordinary talking dog living near an airport in Alaska and he just loves to go flying.  Gus has an irresistibly positive personality whose favorite saying is "Paws Up!"  Gus can hardly wait for another exciting flying adventure.  Seeing his Alaska from above is a thrill that never grows old.

Freddie the Flyer was born to fly.  Gus and Freddie are inseparable and never miss an opportunity to take to the Alaskan skies.  Freddie proves to be a very valuable friend.

Harry the Hoverer is fun-loving and likes to just pop in from above.  Harry's cool tools and the ability to hang motionless in the sky are ideal for rugged Alaskan rescues and other adventures.